About Us

We are a private family owned and operated business that has been servicing families in Melbourne’s southeast for 18 years. Our aim has always been to provide an environment with high quality early learning programs that suits the individual needs of every child for them to become successful learners. We endeavor to guide your children into developing the necessary skills for their transition into primary education.


To provide a balanced, non gender biased program that caters for the individual needs of all our children, including children with special needs in our multicultural centre.


Our Philosophy

Green Kids Early Learning is a family. We hold great respect for our community, its families and their children. Our Centre’s family encourages our children’s identity and individualism through exploration and investigation within a safe, nourishing and stimulating sustainable environment. As educators and role models we endeavor to continue our learning, develop and use reflection in our practices, which will in turn will aid to empower our children in our care every day.

At GKEL we endeavor to provide a secure, safe, friendly and loving atmosphere where the children can learn and grow in their daily interactions. To nurture them in their physical and emotional development, and to mentally stimulate their growth, thus encouraging their health and fostering positive wellbeing.

We, the educators of Green Kids Early Learning, work as a team, and in doing so we are giving the children a positive role model in learning to respect each other. This allows us to work together in harmony, making the surroundings a happy learning experience full of laughter and enjoyment.