Uniform Kit

Is our uniform kit compulsory?

Whilst it’s not compulsory at the moment, we do hope that all our families can appreciate and understand our decision to introduce this. We hope that you will embrace our choice and be a part of our beliefs.


What’s included in the Kit?

We have created a kit which includes:


These will be in the colour of your child’s room, which allows us to have complete free play for all ages outside, as the educators are aware of what rooms the children are from. Also are excellent hat for UV protection. These will stay at our Centre and we will take care of the laundry.


This will replace the need to bring a backpack for your child. We want to encourage all parents to pack their child’s tote bag with 1 full change of clothes and spare inside shoes if needed, raincoat or jacket for outside play and a minimum of 5 nappies for toddlers that are not yet toilet trained. This bag will eliminate unnecessary items being lost and also provide more room in their tubs for their artwork and linen. We will also launder their bags every month.


These will be one generic colour for all rooms including Kindergarten and we encourage all families to dress their children with a long sleeve shirt underneath in the colder months. (Please note that we have handmade a linen bag for each individual child for their sleep linen).

What will the kit cost be?

There is a $50 Uniform Kit cost that we will take at commencement of enrolment. This fee has been already deducted from all new families, so please disregard this notice for payment if this applies to you. All other families please see the order form below and complete it to get the Uniform Kit.

Will I have to return my uniform once my enrolment ceases?

We do ask that all uniforms be returned to your child’s educator once your enrolment ceases, this also includes all kindergarten kids. We ask this as would like to avoid being wasteful and recycle the uniform for more use by other children. We will reimburse your last week of fee’s due with a credit of $25 which is half of the initial kit fee. We hope that you can appreciate and understand this policy.

Please complete the order form for each child and return to your child’s educator.