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Programs & Philosophy

  ​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."  
- Nelson Mandela -
Yellow Room 0 - 2 Program

In our Yellow room we believe that our children should be provided with a safe, natural & enjoyable environment which welcomes all children & families of all abilities. We encourage children's learning through play based experiences that derive from their interest & discovery in our indoor & outdoor environments where children can explore, investigate & participate in the learning environment. 

Individual routines are created & followed in the room for each individual child, such as morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea & rest/sleep times are provided to meet the children's needs. We encourage our families to be apart of their Childs development through our planning/programming family portals & welcome all feedback to ensure that we are always working towards best quality care & education.

Green Room 2 - 3 Program

In our Green room we view the children as 'rich' in potential, strong, powerful & competent. We strongly believe that children should be viewed as important beings and those who have the ability and confidence to learn for themselves. Our educators will strive to care for the children’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social health, wellbeing and development and foster their learning through various experiences. We appreciate and welcome the Reggio Emilia approach, which emphasises the importance of children learning for themselves and learning through independence.


Our curriculum and activities will be planned around their natural curiosity, strengths and weakness as well as cultural background. We have respect for and communicate with the parents of children in our care and ensure that we all have the best possible appreciation of and understanding about their children’s learning and development. As a team, we will strive to design a safe, home-like, inclusive and nurturing environment. We believe that secure attachment and a strong sense of belonging are fundamental to children’s learning and development.

In the Green Room, we believe that continuous self-reflection, evaluation and professional updating will not only benefit ourselves personally as educators but also the learning experiences of the toddlers in our care.

Blue Room - 3 Yr and 4 Yr Kinder Programs

In our Blue room we run a 3 & 4 Year Pre-Kinder & Kinder Program that begins the transitional journey for our kinder children into kinder & school 
readiness. Our Blue room embraces diversity of community & sets to offer rich and varied learning opportunities for all children through social & cultural awareness & a strong sense of personal self-worth. We value early childhood education as the foundation of a lifelong learning journey & at Green kids we aim to offer an environment free from prejudice, an environment that ignites their senses, discovery, & willing to learn. With the support & experience from our 3 educators we run a program that offer both structure for school readiness for our 4Yr kinder & play based/intentional teaching methods for our 3Yr kinder, both in a natural, open-ended environment that holds the essence of Reggio & Montessori practices in which children are valued as strong, capable & resilient learners.

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